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Discover Geoscience is a privately-owned, exploration-focused geoscience team based in Perth and founded in 2016. Building on a history of working with operators, explorers and contractors, we provide a full spectrum of technical studies and evaluations in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. At regional, basin or asset level we apply traditional and advanced geophysical techniques to maximise understanding of the geological setting and associated project risks. Our experienced team of Geoscientists have both Australia and worldwide expertise and undertaken projects in Australia, the Asia Pacific region, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas, both onshore and in shallow and deep water environments. We provide high-impact expertise and products to enable critical corporate decisions in a timely and effective manner. Our flexible business model allows access to a range of services at attractive commercial terms.

Our Approach To Exploration

We channel our exploration using the ‘Basin Analysis Method’, a fully integrated approach from data handling and manipulation, seismic and well sequence stratigraphy  through to a full  understanding of the play, through to prospect risking and ranking.

We provide a peer reviewed approach throughout the exploration cycle and a full peer reviewed product at the end of a study.



Our Value Proposition

At Discover we are data-driven explorers with proven onshore and offshore success. We are people-focused and build relationships that bring meaningful long term benefits to our partners.

We are:

    » Highly experienced - a core geoscience group with a network of experienced associates

    » Business driven - history of successful and value creating transactions

Our business model drives us to provide geoscience products that enable our clients to make critical corporate decisions within a timely and effective manner.

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