Our Team

Senior Geoscientists & Associates

Said Amiribesheli

Principal Geophysicist

15+ years experience  with major operating E&P companies. New ventures through to exploration and development, covering Australia, SE Asia, PNG, Barents Sea, GOM and the Middle East . Expertise in seismic interpretation, attribute and seismic facies analysis, rock physics and reservoir characterisation. Offers extensive experience in play, lead and prospect generation, evaluation, volumetrics and risk analysis. Said holds a PhD in Exploration Geophysics from Curtin University.

Julia Davies

Principal Geoscientist & Business Development Manager

25+ years experience in a number of worldwide geological basins. Frontier basin exploration, appraisal through to development projects with International E&P companies and Australian independents.

Krista Davies

Principal Geoscientist

18+ years experience with major E&P companies in both Australia domestic and international particularly SE Asia and Africa. Specialising in sequence and seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology. A strong background in reservoir deposition modelling, play and lead generation and risk mapping.

Brent Jackson

Principal Geoscientist

35+ years as a proven oil finder. Expertise in structural and complex interpretation in both compressional and extensional regimes.  Extensive new ventures experience including complex data assessment, petroleum system analysis, prospect generation and risk analysis.

Helen Anderson

Gravity and Magnetics Specialist

25+ years experience in both the Mineral and Petroleum resource sectors, working for exploration companies and geophysical contractors internationally.  Extensive experience in nonseismic methods (gravity, magnetics and marine EM), including geological interpretation.

Geoscientists & Data Management Specialists

Michael D’Adamo


A Geophysicist specialising in regional projects to prospect scale interpretation and generation. Field scale mapping and development studies. Peer reviews, farm-in and farmout opportunities.

Dino Loschi

Data & Software Manager

25+ years experience with Australian and international independents. A workstation, database and mapping specialist who manages the in-house data library and is responsible for the quality of data deliverables.

Robyn Spratling

Data Manager

25+ years experience in exploration with international E&P companies and Australian independents. Specialising in data loading and data manipulation. An Arc GIS. Petrel, Kingdom and Halliburton software user.

Jordan McGlew


Geologist with experience in exploration and development workflows in frontier and mature basins with Australian E&P companies. Has experience with Petrel, Paradigm, DuG and Kingdom software.

Erin Thorpe

Technical Assistant

Geoscience technical support, ARC GIS and CAD specialist. Regional multi-client studies to prospect scale reviews and presentation material


John Pamintuan

Marketing & Sales Assistant

7+ years of experience in customer communication, specialising in Sales and Marketing. Contributes in database management and solutions, regional studies and compilation, managing digital content, developing marketing and promotional materials.