Exclusive Evaluations and Studies


At Discover Geoscience our multi-disciplinary team of globally experienced Geologists and Geophysicists combine their skills and expertise to produce:

» Tailored studies for our private clients

» Multi-Client reports covering oil and gas markets in different basins and countries

» Prospect Evaluations

» Gazettal Reviews

» Farmin and Farmout reports

» Post Well Analysis

» Any bespoke study specifically designed by you and for you


Competent Persons Report (CPR)

» A CPR for inclusion in the prospectus of companies required for IPO or other stock exchange transaction

» We will provide a responsible, unbiased and independent opinion on the technical and commercial aspects of the company

Reports include:

» Reserve and Resource Assessment and their classification

» Technical risk and uncertainty

All to the standards by each listing authority.


Our worldwide expertise allows us to develop bespoke solutions for exploration to development studies.


Deliverables can be made available in GIS format.

International Geoscience Studies

Gulf of Mexico and Argentina

We have worked closely with Searcher Seismic and have undertaken a review of open file datasets in both the Gulf of Mexico and surrounds and Offshore Argentina. We have provided multiclient reports using basin analysis techniques including:

    » A seismic and sequence stratigraphic approach

    » Plate Tectonic Reconstructions

    » Palaeographic Mapping

    » Geochemical Summaries

    » Play Mapping

    » Migration Pathway Mapping

    » Common Risk Segment Mapping

    » An atlas of prospects and leads with high graded areas of prospectivity



The Gulf of Papua

Currently Discover Geoscience is undertaking an extensive geological study of the Gulf of Papua in collaboration with Searcher Seismic. This study can be made available to fulfill your needs.

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