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Discover Geoscience is a privately owned company based in Western Australia. Established in 2016, we are a highly experienced team of geoscientists and engineers. By collaborating with the industry experts we provide the full cycle of services in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. 

Our Story

Discover Geoscience was established in 2016 under the Longreach Capital Investment group.

Our Approach to Exploration

We provide a peer reviewed approach throughout the exploration cycle and a full peer reviewed product at the end of a study.

Technical Papers

Our ongoing contribution to key articles in oil and gas journals

Key Clients

Latest News

Onshore Argentina Explorers Package

Discover Geoscience, in collaboration with Searcher have created an explorers package for onshore Mendoza. Discover has undertaken a post-drill well analysis of the key exploration and discovery wells across the …

Offshore Timor-Leste Multi-Client Package

Discover Geoscience, in collaboration with Searcher, have reached agreement with the Timor-Leste authority (ANPM) to release Searcher’s Offshore Timor-Leste Multi-Client Package. Searcher and Discover are offering the industry an offshore …