Discovering Untapped Reserves in a mature field

Recently, Discover Geoscience completed a field development plan to extract the remaining hydrocarbons in a mature field in Oman whilst also exploring for remaining upside potential.

With a reprocessed PSDM seismic volume, Discover Geoscience re-mapped the field, correlating major geological surfaces and features which have never been effectively interpreted before on the vintage seismic data. This work significantly increased the technical knowledge of the area that would lead to unlocking further commercial upside.

Using advanced geophysical techniques to derive geometrical attributes from the PSDM data, a method that had never been used in this area before, these attributes were used to map and rank faults and delineate the field geometry. These seismic attributes were also used in a quantitative interpretation approach that allowed for a reservoir classification of the field by defining the reservoir extent and quality in addition to the identification of undrilled targets and the sweet spots.

This new interpretation has helped to unlock further reserve potential and optimize future field development for our client.

It was a good reminder to us as explorers, that new reserves are not necessarily synonymous with under explored basins!