Discover Geoscience offers a comprehensive and expert range of geoscientific data management services to the oil and gas sector, as well as the mining and minerals sectors.  Services range from data collection and conditioning through to database building, rectification, management and maintenance.  Discover Geoscience utilises both industry standard software and in-house developed applications to meet our customer’s needs.

Services include:

  • Data collection, gathering and conditioning (public domain, government, proprietary)
  • Data room preparation and hosting
  • GIS project builds and support
  • Onsite/offsite database management support
  • Potential fields data loading and conditioning (merging, derivatives, processing)
  • Project builds using industry standard packages (e.g. Kingdom, Petrel, DUG, Petrosys)
  • Seismic data rectification and conditioning (loading and QC, standardising SEGY, mis-tie analysis, attribute volume generation)
  • Well loading, conditioning and digitisation (log merge/edits, despike, formation name standardisation)

We have industry leading expertise in the following data areas:

  • Geophysical data – seismic, potential fields, EM
  • Geological data – wells/boreholes (well logs, lithology, biostratigraphy)
  • GIS data – cultural data (e.g. facilities, infrastructure, cadastral, georectification, vectorising)