Discover Geoscience, together with project partner Searcher, has been making headway into South American petroleum geology with reviews of prospectivity and seismic and well data in Mexico, Argentina, and Peru.  Further work is being undertaken with government bodies to expand our knowledge into neighbouring countries such as Bolivia, Ecuador and Brazil.

Agreements with several South American countries are being forged to host their seismic and well datasets in Searcher’s cloud-based delivery platform Saismic.

Discover Geoscience have available conditioned well data packages over Offshore and Onshore Peru and are undertaking geological and geophysical studies to aid in exploration.  A well atlas of 25 key wells was undertaken over the Offshore Peru to provide a high-level look at exploration activities.

A review of Peru’s prolific Talara Basin is underway due to renewed exploration interest in the basin and a bidding round that is underway.  A well package is being created which will soon be available to industry to aid in assessment of the available blocks.

In addition, a well atlas over Peru’s Maranon Basin is  being compiled and Discover Geoscience are assessing the merits of a prospectivity study in the basin.  Studies over the rest of Peru’s hydrocarbon basins may also be undertaken towards the end of 2021. Discover Geoscience has also undertaken several geological and geophysical studies in Mexico and Argentina.  In 2019 our Chief Geoscientist presented some of our findings and studies at AAPG-ICE2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and generated lively discussion debate.