Discover Geoscience has been working with project partners Searcher and Peru Petro to bring to industry a well data package to aid in assessment of the bidding round that is underway.

The Talara Basin is a prolific hydrocarbon province in Peru and has been explored for many decades.  The recently announced bidding round is opening up the basin to new players with opportunities to bid on existing production areas.

To help industry in assessing the area and to participate in the bidding round, Discover Geoscience is preparing a well data package that will be available soon.

Discover Geoscience is sorting through all of the available data and converting it into a format that is both easy to use and easy to search.

Key wells are being selected to undergo Discover Geoscience’s conditioned well data analysis whereby well logs are digitized and existing digital logs are conditioned and standardised.  These well logs will be merged and spliced, de-spiked and additional information gathered to generate a composite log for each well.