Data Management


At Discover Geoscience we maintain numerous regional seismic and well databases on behalf of our “sister” company Searcher Seismic. Through them and our very experienced data management team we can specialise in data collection building and populating new databases for any area worldwide.

We specialise in data QC, project rectification and calibration, data conditioning along with data loading and maintenance. We also take the data and it's interpretation and are able to visualise it in a user-friendly way so our customers get the full value of their datasets.

We pride ourselves in our ability to find the right technical solution for our customers. We specialise in technical system integration, support, and management. We can find the right IT solution to integrate data into any software package ensuring full value from every dataset and offer seamless data delivery to our customers.

  (ArcGIS Data Product of  Australian Database)

IT Solutions Software include:

  • » Kingdom Suite
  • » DUG
  • » GeoTeric
  • » Petrosys
  • » ArcGIS

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