Senior Geoscientists

Julia Davies - Principal Geoscientist & Manager

25+ years experience in a number of worldwide geological basins. Frontier basin exploration, appraisal through to development projects with International E&P companies and Australian independents.

Pat Boss - Associate Principal Geoscientist

23+ years in new ventures, exploration and development with extensive involvement in Asia, Africa and Australia. Specialising in QI studies, play and prospect evaluation, and risk. Experience across the spectrum of small start-ups to large, international E&P companies.

Trent Spry - Associate Principal Geoscientist

20+ years of global experience with a background in exploration, appraisal, operations and new ventures; with considerable business development and corporate experience. He has worked for start-ups, small to mid ASX and large international independent and national E&P companies. Specializing in basin modelling, petroleum systems analysis, helium systems analysis, independent asset evaluations, play and prospect risking and prospective resource evaluation.

David Wheller - Associate Principal Geomodeller

25+ years with major E&P companies and Consultancies with experience in Australia, UK and Africa. Specializing in geo-modelling and geological uncertainty. Extensive field development planning and well operations

Helen Anderson - Associate Gravity & Magnetics Specialist

25+ years experience in both the Mineral and Petroleum resource sectors, working for exploration companies and geophysical contractors internationally. Extensive experience in nonseismic methods (gravity, magnetics and marine EM), including geological interpretation.

Geoscientists & Data Management Specialists

John Pamintuan - Project Administrator and Marketing

8+ years of experience in customer communication. John studied Commerce at Curtin University majoring in Management and Marketing. He manages work orders, tracks and plans projects. He also contributes in promotional material and business development.

Dino Loschi - Data & Software Manager

25+ years experience with Australian and international independents. A workstation, database and mapping specialist who manages the in-house data library and is responsible for the quality of data deliverables.

Robyn Spratling - Data Analyst

25+ years experience in exploration with international E&P companies and Australian independents. Specialising in data loading and data manipulation. An Arc GIS. Petrel, Kingdom and Halliburton software user.

David Fursman - Senior Data Analyst

30+ years experience working in seismic data processing, QC, data management, training and project management. Carries out boutique data processing.

Jordan McGlew - Geoscientist

Geoscientist with 4 years’ experience in oil and gas both in operators and service companies. She has experience in seismic interpretation, quantitative interpretation (QI), static and dynamic modelling and data management. She has worked on data both onshore and offshore domestically and internationally. Experience with software such as DUG, Petrel, Kingdom, Paradigm and GIS packages. Jordan holds a B.Sc in Environmental Biology and a First Class Honours in Applied Geology from Curtin University.

Peter Hoiles - Geoscientist

Geologist with 7+ years of experience in a number of worldwide geological basins with expert knowledge in seismic interpretation, seismic depth imaging, and quantitative interpretation studies. Peter holds a PhD in Geology from The University of Melbourne.

Lauren Found - Junior Geoscientist

A recent graduate of Curtin University with Honours qualifications in geophysics and geology, with a focus on seismic interpretation and aeromagnetic data analysis. She has experience with rectification and interpretation of global seismic and well data, and use of Petrel, DuG, GeoTeric and nonseismic Oasis Montaj software packages.

Erin Thorp - Geoscience Technical Assistant

Geoscience technical support, ARC GIS and CAD specialist. Regional multi-client studies to prospect scale reviews and presentation material